Rogart Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

In Rogart and Scourie (Eddrachillis) churches were built soon after the Disruption. In Scourie only four families out of a population of about 800 refused to enter the Free Church with Mr Tulloch, the minister at the time. As elsewhere, the Duke of Sutherland refused to grant a site for a church and for some months the congregation worshipped in a tent sent from Edinburgh. This was torn to shreds in a gale not long afterwards and the people gathered in the open air at a spot still known locally at the "Worship Stones" near the site of the present church which was built in 1846.

A remnant of both congregations adhered to the Free Church after 1900. The Rogart and Scourie congregations were linked in 1981 and the Rev Allan Murray was inducted to the joint charge in 1988.

The congregation currently worships in an informal arrangement with Assynt. Services are conducted by the Rev Allan Murray every third Sabbath and on a regular supply basis by Mr Richard Ross, the Scourie elder.


Sabbath Worship

Scourie 12.00noon and Lochinver 5.00pm

Sabbath School Scourie 12.00noon

Prayer Meetings

Assynt, Tuesday 7.00pm; Scourie, Thursday 7.30pm (others as intimated)


Assynt, last Sabbath in March; Scourie, 1st Sabbath in October.

Other Information

There is close co-operation with the congregation in Brora (Clyne).

Minister &
Session Clerk

Rev Allan Murray,
2 Col Bheinn Road
KW9 6NZ.
Tel: 01408 621459

Clerk to Deacons Court

Mr John J Munro,
Sutherland, IV28 3UD.
Tel: 01408 641279.

Congregational Treasurer

Mr John Morrison,
Cnoc Uaine,
Culkein, Stoer, Assynt,
Sutherland, IV27 4JG.
Tel: 01571 855331;

Sabbath School Superintendent

Miss Elizabeth Ross,
Scourie, By Lairg,
Sutherland, IV27 4HW.
Tel: 01971 502224.